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YMCA to offer Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning

05/30/2017, 10:45am CDT, By United CC

Increase your strength, power, flexibility and endurance!

UCC brings home championship on Mother's Day

05/16/2017, 12:00pm CDT, By United CC

2017 UCC Tryout Dates Announced

05/11/2017, 1:15pm CDT, By United CC

Take your game to the next level with UCC!

The Nutmeg challenges UCC teams

05/08/2017, 4:00pm CDT, By United CC

Two teams bring home finalist trophies

U14 Boys Champions

Ravens Futsal Melee brings winter season to a close

03/01/2017, 1:00pm CST, By United CC

5 teams bring home medals

UCC teams make presence known at Branson Shootout

01/09/2017, 12:45pm CST, By United CC

Three teams make run for championship in futsal finals

SLSYA logo

UCC among Top 25 Clubs for SLYSA

01/08/2017, 1:15pm CST, By United CC

10 UCC teams registered to play in spring league

2006 Girls win Aldi Heartland Invitational U11 Yellow division

Fall Competition Concludes with Tourney Championships

11/08/2016, 10:45am CST, By United CC

Two UCC teams bring home championship trophies

New UCC Spirit Wear - Just in time for the holidays!

11/04/2016, 4:00pm CDT, By United CC

Convenient online ordering - orders due Nov. 23!

2006 Boys - 2016 Missouri Mule Champs!

U10 Boys Win Missouri Mule Tourney

10/31/2016, 2:45pm CDT, By United CC

Five teams compete at end-of-season tourney

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Displaying Results 61 - 70 of 83

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