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United CC Boys Teams


United CC forms teams based on age and player experience to allow for healthy levels of competition. Every United CC player is evaluated and placed on a team that fits his age, ability and skill level. 

Teams are generally organized according to a standard age matrix (see below) which aligns with league and tournament divisions. Players may "play up" with older teammates, but cannot "play down" in a younger age division.

Playing times, roster size, point systems, etc. vary by league and tournament.

UCC coaches value collaboration with other clubs and teams in the region. In addition to organizing regular "friendlies" to allow players to put their training to the test in a scrimmage setting, UCC players are often invited to "guest play" when teams need an extra player, and other teams reciprocate for our teams. This allows our players to be exposed to different strategies, teammates and competition experiences for additional development and growth.

2020-2021 UCC Boys Teams

2002 Red (U19)

Trainers: Joren Trimble, Steve Hynes, Ari Sanchez
Manager: Tom Chapman

2006 Red (U15)

Trainers: Joren Trimble, Tom Chapman, Bart Carney
Manager: Heather Feeler

2008 Red (U13)

Trainers: Dave Echelmeyer, Tim Chojnacki, Mike Metzger
Manager: Lisa Borgmeyer

2008 Blue (U13)

Trainers: Bart Carney

2009 Red (U12)

Trainers: Bill Plank, Derrick Brauner, Dan Chojnacki, Brayden Remmert, Marty Miller
Manager: MartynMiller

2010 Red (U11)

Trainers: Joren Trimble, Tom Chapman, Jeff Hinds
Manager: Jeff Hinds

2011 Red (U10)

Trainers: Kevin Wheat, Ryan Heislen, Ricky Kutscher
Manager: Sara Wheat

UCC Age Matrix - Fall 2021*

AGE GROUP Birth Year # of Players Ball Size
Academy (U9) 2013 7v7 4
U10 2012 7v7 4
U11 2011 9v9 4
U12 2010 9v9 4
U13 2009 11v11 5
U14 2008 11v11 5
U15 2007 11v11 5
U16 2006 11v11 5
U17 2005 11v11 5
U18 2004 11v11 5
U19 2003 11v11 5

*According to U.S. Soccer's Player Development Initiatives, when determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends (2022) is used for determining the birth year. Also note that the format “U followed by age” really means that age and younger. For example, U10 should be read as 10 and younger.