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City Academy Program


The City Academy Program for focuses on age-appropriate player skill development and soccer knowledge in a structured training environment for younger players.

Program Director

Jay Hebenheimer

Philosophy & Curriculum Overview

United Capital City Soccer Club and City Academy’s Player Development philosophy and curriculum are guided by our Player Development Plan. Our program calls for creating training environments where the focus is on the development of all our players, and not the short-term goal of winning a game, trophy, or medal. UCC/City Academy’s goal is to develop better players by providing support structures, trainers, and coaches that place player development at the forefront of our curriculum.

Our training philosophy involves implementing age-appropriate training curriculum at all levels. City Academy's role specifically is to ensure the best development of our young players by understanding the correct areas of focus at each stage of a player’s development, parents and coaches can work together to ensure that our players’ education is being correctly facilitated.

Our Player Development model is long term and we aim to provide a standardized and structured support plan to help guide City Academy coaches and parents in order to assist all our players in reaching their full potential in the game.

City Academy's goal is to create a player first environment.  Our number one priority is focused on what is best for each individual player in regards to their overall long-term development. City Academy will focus on growing and developing, not just their individual soccer abilities, but more importantly a LOVE for "the beautiful game.” We will offer a variety of opportunities and guidance for players and parents as they move their way into either recreational or competitive soccer. City Academy will be an avenue to Competitive Club Soccer.

City Academy also views the opportunity of using the game as a platform to develop young people as another one of our ultimate responsibilities.

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City Academy - Spring 2023
Feb. 28-Apr. 23

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