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City Academy Training Curriculum

The City Academy curriculum is designed as an introduction to soccer with the focus on learning the game through age appropriate activities. The program will be tiered upwards so as players progress through City Academy so will their skills with the ball. 

Lessons include but are not limited to:

  • Teaching and building on basic fundamental skills (see below)
  • Progression of ball mastery, introduction of new skills
  • Development of comfort and confidence over the ball
  • Passing and receiving the ball with confidence
  • Movement games/odd numbered rondos
  • Soccer specific movement/strength/agility training
  • Ability and age appropriate games (1v1) (2v2) (3v3)(1v2) (2v4)

Benefits continue to include but are not limited to:

  • Safe, fun & positive environment helps build a love of sport 
  • Introduction to soccer & development of basic technical skills
  • Improves player fitness, agility and coordination  
  • Develops social skills, self-awareness and confidence
  • Teaches kids how to overcome obstacles and challenges
  • Develop focus and concentration

The City Academy program will include 90 minute training and game sessions over an 8-week period.

Fundamental Soccer Skills


  • Finding space (head up)
  • Beating an opponent (taking players on)
  • To keep possession (shielding)


  • Short passing
  • Disguise in passing
  • Introduction to striking longer balls


  • Mechanics of receiving balls on ground
  • Importance of first touch
  • “Take it somewhere new”


  • Mechanics of shooting
  • Mentality to finish
  • Finishing off the dribble


  • Individual
  • With a partner